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Picture1Our cost effective, open platform access control systems provide scalable security and allows for easy integration with your existing security systems. No annual license fees enable facility owners to save money in the long term budget.
From a simple projector to an intuitive touch screen with capabilities of integrating multiple monitors or projectors simultaneously, FSEC has the knowhow and technology to make your conference rooms, classrooms or auditoriums come to life with the best audio video solutions.


Certified Technicians for your testing and inspection needs.Repair and or replacement should your system require our services.
From wired, wireless, or PoE clocks to digital, analog, or digital messaging; our clock synchronization and accurate timekeeping solutions are available to suit whatever application is required of your facility.


FSEC is UL Listed for Fire Alarm Installation #UUJS-S5626Our Fire Alarm Systems are:
  • Customizable and Cost effective
  • Configurable into a wide range of applications from small office buildings to complex high rise installations utilizing a distributive network with advanced voice capability
  • Intuitive designs create easy to use fire alarm systems that are simple to install, budget friendly and most importantly, protects the building and its occupants with the best in advanced technology


FSEC offers a complete line of industrial and commercial fire extinguishers.

From our standard models that offer compliance and protection at a competitive price to the most effective, ultimate performance models in the industry.

  • fire sprinkler service and installation
  • fire extinguisher services
  • back flow testing
  • complete design services for all water based fire protection systems
  • complete clean agent and kitchen hood protection systems
  • water based suppression systems
  • certified employees

Extiguishers Extinguisher Truck


In 2011 FSEC merged with Fire Safety Protection, Inc., which was established in 1985. This has allowed us to provide complete fire protection services to all our customers.


FSEC is capable of providing a simple one way paging system up to a sophisticated IP based 2 way mass communication system with text messaging, screen pop ups and email messaging of events communicated by the operator.

Integration is also available with several different clock systems from analog to messaging clock displays.

How does it work?

  1. Push the power button on your cell phone repeatedly if uncomfortable or in danger
  2. An alert is sent to security personnel via SMS or SafeFi Web Portal with GPS location & Vital Incident info
  3. Security Personal receives the alert as well as the live phone call and responds accordingly



HD quality cameras providing superior mobile video solutions with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Systems with hybrid component technology allow ease of upgrade, increase of storage capacity, and make DVR repairs with virtually no vehicle downtime. For small fleets, an all-in-one solution is available that is cost effective and integrated with driver behavior sensors and location monitoring.
Some of the features can include:

  • Virtual Synchronized Mapping
  • Automated License Plate Capturing
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Live View
  • Automatic Wireless Download
  • Event Trigger Recording
  • RFID Tracking of students, drivers or employees
  • GPS
  • Up to 8 channels of audio & video

For facilities of any size
Our systems meet the most rigorous international standards and include the most advanced security technology.
typical products and systems include intrusion detectors and transmission equipment.

FSEC can provide your facility with a brilliant sounding sound system that will fill your needs from as large as a stadium to a small theater or even a portable sound system
We have a speaker system that will fulfill all your facilities needs
We offer portable rack systems to provide you the mobility of superior sound mixing systems. Portable sound systems can be used in any number of applications from Gymnasiums, Band or Choral rooms or even can be used for football, baseball or soccer field applications
We have a fine line of classroom audio enhancement systems which aid teachers in providing a better learning environment
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portable rack
R speakers1

SigniFire-IP-Video-Flame-and-Smoke-Detection-Camera-Product-ImageThis is a state-of-the-art, early warning video smoke detection system that visual detects the presence of flame or smoke at its source. This solution is perfect for your challenging environments where typical spot type smoke detectors would not be practical

Multiple system options with modern looks and features. Systems range from an all IP based video system to a digital video intercom system using only 2 non-polarized wires that delivers top performance with ease.


Picture5Our high-definition surveillance systems provide unparalleled image detail combined with award-winning software that is intuitive and easy to use. With the extensive range of our analog and megapixel cameras we are capable of delivering superior image quality and maximum coverage.

A voice evacuation system is a fire alarm system that incorporates initiating devices and speakers to notify the occupants of a fire. Our intuitive, multi-channel, distributive digital voice systems provide code compliant intelligibility of the emergency message for evacuating your facilities.